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Preparing for exit & building value now

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Ask The Experts: MBOs, JVs Straight buy outs, advocacy

How do you navigate the breadth of options and find the next steps that best fit you, and all importantly, your client base. Join acquisition specialists from the top firms, along with our speaker panel, in 3 20 minute round table sessions.
David Inglesfield, IWP UK
Jade works with Gunner & Co. on IFA business sales and is responsible for managing all stages of an acquisition including IFA business valuations
Jade Connolly, Ascot Lloyd
Gwill Evans, Gunner & Co.

Insight: The changing landscape of Mergers and Acquisitions

The M&A market for financial planning forms changes constantly.  In the opening address, Louise will give you a whistle-stop tour of what has influenced today’s market.
Louise Jeffreys, Gunner & Co.

The Monday Morning Reality: Understanding the impact selling your business will have

Much time is focused on the structuring of the deal: the price, payment terms, legal protections and taxation, and the new world for your clients.  However understanding the reality of your decision to sale, and the impact that will have on you most importantly, but also your team and your family is vital. Michelle will explore with you how to understand these implications in advance, and how to ensure you prioritise what you want to get out of a deal with that in mind.
Standards International
Michelle Hoskin, Little Miss WOWW

Preparing your business for sale – the broker’s inside tips

Hear it directly from the horse’s mouth – what are the major buyers now looking for when buying businesses and what are the key fundamentals that you can be building your business around to ensure you are as attractive as possible at the point of exit.
Gwill Evans, Gunner & Co.
Louise Jeffreys, Gunner & Co.

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Shaking the due diligence tree

Preparing for due diligence is essential to make the acquisition journey as smooth and stress free as possible, and starting the preparation as early as possible can save a lot of pain at a later date. Alan and Jade will share with you what and how to prepare for a successful due diligence process.
Jade works with Gunner & Co. on IFA business sales and is responsible for managing all stages of an acquisition including IFA business valuations
Jade Connolly, Ascot Lloyd

Actionable Intelligence: Structuring the deal: Entrepreneur’s Relief

Another factor to consider before you close the deal is how to set the sale up to be eligible for entrepreneur’s relief on your payments, in place of income tax. This talk will give you a broad idea of how you can structure your company and the sale of your IFA business ensuring you are eligible for this important tax relief.
Rachel Verinder, Milsted Langdon

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Actionable Intelligence: Structuring the deal: The Legal Fundamentals

Once you’ve chosen a buyer and set a purchase price, the next step is to agree the details of the sales and purchase agreement. This includes details such as your warranties and liabilities to the buyer. This session will take you through a standard SPA and give you an insight into what to look out for before signing your contract.
Alex Canham, Herrington Carmichael

Case Study: A personal perspective: the practical side of selling your own IFA Business and the process needed for a smooth completion

Starting with the end in mind – that’s probably the simplest piece of advice we would share with you.  But there is so much more to consider when considering an exit for your business.