M&A activity is heating up, but finding the right business to buy still remains a challenge. 

Finding that gem of the business that fits your wish list is tough.  Gunner & Co. has a long history of brokering excellent deals and we know who’s in the market to consider a sell, so we’ve set up this event to take some of the pain away from you.

Over the course of an evening we will match you up with around 20 IFAs considering divestment and give you the chance to pitch your typical proposition.  This is a unique way to get in front of a lot of IFAs, and yet still have structured one-on-one conversations.

The IFAs will have spent the afternoon considering how they can best set up their business for sell, so will be motivated and focused on what you have to offer them.

Find out how you can join in these timely conversations:

Contact or call on 07796 717346.